What is Paintball?

  • Paintball continues to be one of New Zealand’s fastest paced leisure activity
  • It is a sport/recreation for all ~ young, old, men, woman, fit, unfit ~ everyone is giving it a go and playing so why not take the leap of faith and come have a game with us
  • Paintball is played using specialized Co2 powered semi-automatic ‘markers’ or ‘paintguns’
  • The paintballs are round, thin skinned gelatine about 1.5cm in diameter and filled with brightly coloured vegetable dye.  The paintballs are non-toxic, non-acoustic water soluble and bio-degradable.  The paint rinses out of clothing in a normal wash and off skin with soap and water.  When a paintball tags a player, the thin gelatine splits open and the liquid inside leaves a ‘paint’ splat!
  • When the trigger of the paintgun is pulled, a single paintball is fired from the ‘gun’ at approx 280 feet per second